Wife's Name on Deed After Helping Buy MIL's House - Now MIL Wants Her OFF! 😲

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Buckle up, folks! 🚗💨 We've got a juicy tale of family drama, financial woes, and a whole lot of tension. 😬 When a couple's generous loan to the mother-in-law turns into a battle over property ownership, things get heated real quick! 🔥 Will our protagonist stand her ground and protect her interests, or will guilt and pressure from her hubby force her to give in? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 🏊‍♀️

🏠 A Helping Hand Gone Wrong? 😱

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💰 Sacrificing Our Dreams for Family 🙏

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🤔 A Tough Decision with Consequences 😓

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🚨 Trouble Brewing: Removing My Name? 😠

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🙅‍♀️ Standing My Ground Against Pressure 💪

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😡 Anger and Accusations: Protecting Our Interests 🛡️

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😔 Guilt vs. Fairness: Am I Wrong? 🤷‍♀️

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📝 Update: Securing the Evidence 🔒

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💑 Communicating and Finding Common Ground 🗣️

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🙅‍♀️ MIL Backs Off, Name Remains 🙌

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❤️ Staying Together, No Divorce 💍

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🚪 BIL Moving Out: A Silver Lining? 🌤️

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🏡 BIL's New Job and Moving Plans 📦

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🌉 Progress Made, But More to Come 🚶‍♀️

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🙏 Gratitude for the Support 💖

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🚨 Family Loan Gone Wrong: Will She Stand Her Ground? 💪😤

Well, well, well... looks like our girl is in quite the pickle! 🥒 After graciously lending a whopping 90k to her mother-in-law for a new home 🏠, she's now facing pressure from her hubby to remove her name from the property docs. 📜🔍 But wait, there's a twist! MIL hasn't paid back a single penny! 💸🚫 Our heroine is standing firm, refusing to budge until the debt is settled. 💪 Her man's not happy, though, accusing her of being paranoid. 😡 Yikes! 😬 But is she really the a-hole for protecting their interests? 🤔 The internet's got some thoughts on this one, and they're not holding back! 🗣️💬 Let's see what kind of spicy takes they've got in store for us! 🌶️🔥

Don't take your name off until she pays you back 💰💸

meredithyourboob | meredithyourboob

Lesson learned: Never remove your name from a deed 😒 NTA

ajbshade | ajbshade

Stand your ground! MIL is trying to manipulate her son. 💪

Melanie-Littleman | Melanie-Littleman

Fight for your rights! Don't let MIL bully you 💪

saltycybele | saltycybele

Suggests a non-controversial solution to protect property rights. 🤔

Eileen__Left | Eileen__Left

Don't mix family and business! MIL and husband are wrong. 🙅

blisters10 | blisters10

Keep your name on the deed until repaid 💰💪

noccie | noccie

Always make a contract when loaning money 💰 Good advice!

Maedean | Maedean

Don't let them do you dirty! Stand your ground 💪

Iaim2msbehave | Iaim2msbehave

NTA suggests fair solution, MIL and co. buy off deed 💰

WoahBusdy | WoahBusdy

Don't give in! MIL owes you. Stand your ground. 💪

gronk123456789101112 | gronk123456789101112

Fairness questioned: Wife's name on deed, now MIL wants her off 🤔

jerebun | jerebun

Don't let MIL cheat you out of your savings. Stay firm. 🚨

woodwitchofthewest | woodwitchofthewest

Propose a legally binding agreement for loan repayment and removal.

lolitalene | lolitalene

Defending the wife's right to be on the deed 💪

saveyboy | saveyboy

🤔 Is husband planning for a divorce? Comment has no replies.

UchihaSakurachan | UchihaSakurachan

Keep your name on the deed and protect yourself. NTA 👍

msmysty | msmysty

Keep your name on the documents for reassurance 👍

thatcuriousbichick | thatcuriousbichick

Fair deal? Comment suggests removing all names from deed. 😍

dinismum | dinismum

Protect your rights! Don't let MIL con you out 🚨

bebenenenn | bebenenenn

Don't let your husband cheat you out of $100k! 😡

TurbulentJudge1000 | TurbulentJudge1000

🚩 Sell all these red flags from husband and MIL's behavior

munificent | munificent

Stand your ground! 💪 Your name stays until debt's paid.

A_Brit_Abroad | A_Brit_Abroad

NTA, but family is sketchy. Consider talking to a lawyer 👨🏻‍💻💁🏼

liquefaction187 | liquefaction187

Insist on keeping your name on the documents and document everything 👍

retiredhousewife1970 | retiredhousewife1970

Con artists! Get a lawyer and force a sale 💸💪👨‍👩‍👦

EvieJC | EvieJC

Verbal agreements and family don't mix 🙄 ESH for a bad idea.

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

Protect your investment 💰 and don't remove your name from the deed. 💪

thehehegirl | thehehegirl

Keeping your name on legal documents when lending money 💰

KingJacoPax | KingJacoPax

Secure your investment - file a lien before removing name 👍

Dazzling_Window9981 | Dazzling_Window9981

Protect yourself legally. Gaslighting and lawyers aren't normal. NTA.

Dot81 | Dot81

NTA advises against lending money in such situations 😞

[deleted] | [deleted]

MIL wants wife off deed but sons can stay? NTA.

grandmawaffles | grandmawaffles

Wife not the a**hole for wanting repayment contract. 👍

PrestachioTree | PrestachioTree

Don't budge, stand your ground 💪 MIL owes you money

Emmj92 | Emmj92

Protecting your interests, but MIL's strange behavior raises concerns 🤔

Powerful-Spot8764 | Powerful-Spot8764

Insist on legal document for buyout if MIL wants you off 📝

The_Last_Sunflower | The_Last_Sunflower

Woman shares similar experience with MIL wanting her off deed 🙄

Spookydel | Spookydel

Don't remove your name from the deed! You're NTA, but husband is. His mom is shady and suspicious. 😲

ThinkH2o | ThinkH2o

Protect your assets with written agreements and don't back down.

Laureliina | Laureliina

Protect your investment, keep your name on that deed! 💰

mspentyoot | mspentyoot

Get a lawyer, don't remove your name, record conversations 👨‍💻📱

Deep_Marsupial_1277 | Deep_Marsupial_1277

Stand your ground, don't let them push you out 💪

Tasty-Biscotti355 | Tasty-Biscotti355

Defend your spot! 🛡️ MIL's intentions seem sketchy. NTA.

yesimlaura | yesimlaura

Suggests honest conversation to resolve issue, advises calmness. 🙌

Palene | Palene

Don't back down! 💪 Demand your half of the money back! 💰

Neppetaa | Neppetaa

Definitely NTA. Don't let MIL take advantage of you! 🙌

Ardara | Ardara

Removing name from deed after lending money. NTA wins.

Tokoloshe55 | Tokoloshe55

Verbal agreement caused trouble, keep name for security. NTA 👍

smallorderof_fries | smallorderof_fries

Family betrayal is real 😔 Trust no one, get everything in writing.

Myabyssalwhip | Myabyssalwhip

Protect your assets and stand up for yourself! 💪💪

mysticalmac99 | mysticalmac99

Don't remove your name from the deed. Document everything 👍

rainbow_mak3r | rainbow_mak3r

Partner's motive for removing name from deed questioned. 🤔

Boredmelbthrowaway | Boredmelbthrowaway

NTA, but MIL will never pay you back 💸

BonaFideBill | BonaFideBill

Husband's loyalty is questionable, NTA for asking money back 👍

silence_infidel | silence_infidel

Assertive response to MIL's demand for removing wife's name. 💪

bopperbopper | bopperbopper

"NTA - MIL is trying to cheat you out of 90K 😠"

atxcats | atxcats

Protect yourself and seek legal advice without your husband's knowledge 🙌

bobbytoni | bobbytoni

Stand your ground and protect yourself, don't get cheated. 🙌

GaGypsyGirl | GaGypsyGirl

Partner's mother demands wife be removed from house deed 😑

rayjaymor85 | rayjaymor85

Husband wants wife off deed but MIL's name and brother's stay? 🤔

arisomething | arisomething

Fair trade proposal for MIL's house ownership. NTA 👌

MyDemonsLead | MyDemonsLead

Protect your assets, it might be a red flag 🚨

kiwigeekmum | kiwigeekmum

Suggest selling your part of the property for a clean break 👍🏻

OptimalPost2 | OptimalPost2

Don't let MIL bully you into gifting her $90k. 😡

w3woody | w3woody

Payment program needed to avoid MIL's attempt to cheat wife 😒

forestpunk | forestpunk

NTA. Don't remove your name until you're paid back. 👍

yajanga | yajanga

Don't let her take advantage of you. Protect your investment! 💰

kikivee612 | kikivee612

Empathetic NTA comment prompts thought-provoking question for OP

ISO200_f16 | ISO200_f16

Stand your ground and negotiate a repayment plan 💪🏽‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let her steal $90,000 from you! Draw up a repayment agreement. 💰

Ruckus_Riot | Ruckus_Riot

NTA, but don't expect to get paid back 😞

lovebeinganasshole | lovebeinganasshole

Keep your share of the property and move on. 👍

Burney1 | Burney1

Don't be played for a fool 🙉, hold your ground 💪

lionne6 | lionne6

🚨 Red flag alert! 🚨 Legal expert advises OP to prepare for divorce.

MrsGildebeast | MrsGildebeast

Suggest drawing up papers and offering low interest rate 💰

MotherofCrowlings | MotherofCrowlings

You're in the clear! MIL took your money, you're NTA 👍

FatherKnowledge | FatherKnowledge

Red flags in the husband's behavior, seek legal advice ASAP 🚨

Smoergaard | Smoergaard

Family borrowing money often doesn't end well, sad but true. 😢

joogiee | joogiee

Don't sign anything until you get every penny back! 💰 NTA

jillyjillz42 | jillyjillz42

Stand your ground and don't let them erase your contribution 💪

rooks-and-queens | rooks-and-queens

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