16+ Times People Had To Step In To Save The Day

Sometimes we all need someone to step up to the plate and help us out of a sticky — or just weird — situation.

So with this in mind, from cats who were less than appreciative for being rescued to individuals who got stuck inside of trash cans, here are 16+ times people had to step in to save the day!

"Even when being rescued from hurricane floods, this cat is just over it."

Reddit | Pewpewpanda88

That is one hell of an angry cat. I can't help but feel like it is thinking, "You know I never asked to be rescued, you git!"

"They gave me a desk with my back to the door. Bean cam to the rescue!"

Reddit | grindinghalt

Why put up a mirror to see behind you when you can use a Rowan Atkinson-esque security camera?

"Nice save..."

Reddit | Mia9394

I mean, more fool him for thinking that England were going to win the World Cup in 2018 in the first place.

"Rescue owl needed a medicated bath for itchy skin. He is just fine now, but I can't stop laughing."

Reddit | P_U_K_E_K_O

That is one hell of a difference between those pictures of him before and after he was dried off! So much of him is feathers!

Singalong Time!

Reddit | thekgbking

I really like this sign but I have never seen anyone write a "Y" like that before. Is that just me?

"Save money by using the same actor!"

Reddit | Llim

"We really wanted this to be a photoshoot for two."

"Will I get paid twice if I do both parts?"

"Err...I guess."

"Hold on, I've got a wig out in the car."

"Got a flat. AAA said they could get out to fix it in two or three hours."

Reddit | RandomlyJim

Everyone must have been working from home on that particular day! I mean, it's not like AAA to be anything other than speedy and efficient with their breakdown cover!

"This sign at a coffee shop."

Reddit | Agraywale

I am sure that there are plenty of service employees who would like the ability to charge customers for being dense.

"Squirtle to the rescue."

Reddit | TheSANEG

"Would you look at what someone's put in here, it's a Squirtle plushy! How funny! Dave, isn't that adorable?"

Fire and screaming sounds...

"Now that's an accurate description of cooked steak."

Reddit | NixisTM

Actually one chef did chime in on this, adding, "Chef [here], don't care that you order well done however you automatically void two major complaints. How long it's taking and that the steak is dry. People will come into a place and order a well done 10oz filet then proceed to wonder why it takes so long. Wtf?"

"This fat fool had to be rescued by animal control."

Reddit | mysweetriot

"You see, Dave, that's why you shouldn't recycle! It's bad for you!"

Angry muffled racoon sounds...

"That's some serious savings!"

Reddit | jackhackery

Thank God that these people are offering these savings! I was getting sick of having to win the lottery whenever I wanted a chocolate bar!

"I'm remodeling my basement and all the ceiling tiles were just removed. I found my cat like this."

Reddit | proffie

This helpful cat is just offering its services as a professional ceiling tile, thus helping you to save money!

"Washing windows at a children's hospital..."

Reddit | BuckRowdy

It is good to see the Marvel and DC superheroes putting their differences aside for a while to keep some important windows clean!

"When you take your dog swimming but it has different plans."

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

That's what you get if you don't give your dog enough treats and then go swimming with them!

"My uncle's a firefighter. One of the kids they rescued drew up a thank you note..."

Reddit | pianomanphil

This one is so sweet, and yet I cannot stop laughing at the little drawing that this kid has done of the firefighter who saved them!

Sometimes, a kind word can really make a difference and this goes to show that it doesn't matter where it comes from.

Reddit | orangecactus06

I'm not exactly sure how I cost extra but the valuable part of this message is that I'm worth it.

I've never thanked a gas station before but here we are.

I get the feeling that this person did this on purpose but I still think someone needs to step in and save the day.

Reddit | inzane_stonk_lord

After all, once they get tired of wearing this wet floor sign on their head, they might find that it's not quite as easy to take off as it was to put on.

Well, at least someone was able to turn that unfortunate dent into something fun.

Reddit | Dabomberd

Personally, I would not mind giving people the impression that I survived an encounter with Thor.

And any driver who wants to dent the other side needs to ask themselves a question: is their car stronger than Mj?lnir?

This is a small gesture but it apparently made a big difference to this teacher's students.

Reddit | lance2k2

This is Morton the Attack Moose and the teacher explained that the kids were insistent he bring Morton along when he received his COVID-19 vaccine.

As we can see, he kept his word and the strange request has given us this adorable picture.

It's pretty much impossible not to love this tiny bunny and it's thanks to the uploader that it's still frolicking around.

Reddit | Real_Lightless

As they explained, "Saw this little guy at work today had to coax him to the grass so he wouldn't get hit by a [forklift]."

That must have felt rewarding.

This stable was about to fall over but one dad's simple solution bought it some time.

Reddit | just_a_random221

And from the looks of it, all he needed to keep it standing were some ratchet straps. I guess we'll see how long that stays a "temporary" solution, though.

When this person's four-year-old son drew him a picture of them together, it clearly meant a lot to him.

Reddit | ThickumsMagoo

So much so that he went ahead and made it into a tattoo. That decision may horrify some people but I bet it made the kid's day.

Some people are going to be mad no matter what this driver does but at least the rest of us have a clear warning.

Reddit | 192_168_1_x

I do find the idea that we'd be impotently angry enough to honk behind this person yet conscientious enough to watch them flip us off pretty funny, though.

Sometimes, the one you save the day for the most in life is yourself.

Reddit | DeejayCa

And that seemed to be the case when the uploader's brother needed to make a standing desk after he started working from home.

After getting a little creative with an ironing board and some milk crates, he had it!

Sadly, we aren't witnessing a daring rescue after a rampaging Godzilla decided to attack a random playground instead of Tokyo.

Reddit | riceisright56

But the uploader's sister did ask them to put the monster behind her running kids and they clearly delivered in a big way.

It would be kind of hard not to feel like the kid in the back. "I know I need to run away, but this is awesome!"

What this person lacks in linguistic skills, they more than make up for in consideration.

Reddit | kuhmans

Because even if we laugh at the sign that prevents from falling down an elevator shaft, we'd still appreciate the fact that it did that.

It seems like a bad idea to test this claim but I guess it's good to know we could if we somehow wanted to?

Reddit | Pats_Fan_61

And it may sound weird to us but I'll bet that someone out there felt an incredible wave of relief wash over for them.

And I'm happy for them because it must be a tough life when you can compare your..."production" to seven pool balls.

Well, this person can't say the bartender didn't give them what they asked for.

Reddit | isitlust

They wanted extra cherries in their Manhattan and now they can be very sure they're not going to run out.

Sure, maybe we wouldn't assume that means we'd have to fill half the glass with them but that's why we're not bartender of the month.

I don't think anyone has stepped in to save the day yet but it definitely looks like somebody needs to.

Reddit | ELLTELL316

But I understand. It takes time to assemble a team of misfit kids and have them work on the courage to take on a killer clown monster.

Of course, we can sometimes find that some folks don't want to be saved.


For instance, this person was trying to release the raccoon back into the wild after it was successfully rehabilitated.

However, it seems they did too good of a job because he doesn't want to leave their side now.

"Somehow our dog opened the upstairs screen door and ended up following our cat onto the roof. He required consoling before coming back inside."

Reddit | CallMePancake

Just look at that sad little face! I wonder how long they were up there before he had the confidence to come back inside?

"Soup of the day!"

Reddit | dntes1

This is a soup of the day that is guaranteed to make your day better! But the morning after will be absolutely horrendous!

Sometimes, you have to spell things out for people.

Reddit | Sufficient-Manner-50

In this instance, I think it was a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Can't go without your necessities!

Every deal has a catch. When this couple took up the offer on some free mulch, they weren't expecting quite this much.

Reddit | OldHerrHugo

This was after they said they'd made a good dent in it. You got free mulch, now it's time to pass free mulch onto someone else.

Desperate times call for desperate, pleading measures.

Reddit | ChemicalChameleon

And 'desperate' is certainly the tone I get from this sign. That car seems pretty unlucky, are you sure you want to keep driving it?

"SUV is getting the lift gate fixed after a tree fell on it, loaner car is a Nissan versa. I'm 6'4."

Reddit | jeetz1231

He fits like a glove! Like a tight, improperly-sized glove because the store was out of the large ones.

The world has some real daredevils in it.

Reddit | DrRowdybush

And that's fine if they want to go risking their own lives, but they don't need to involve everyone at the gas station!

"Found this beauty at the hardware store today."

Reddit | zzman73051

Clearly, he's there to upgrade his sweet, sweet spoiler. This one's gonna have hinges.

We all have some lofty expectations sometimes, but this feels like a bit much.

Reddit | rfgobusan

Or this is a trick and they're trying to find evidence of time travelers. I respect the cause.

"[...] I didn't have any plastic spoons so I improvised."

Reddit | BeoWolf_FD

One's drive for pudding can be a powerful thing. It can turn an average man into a top-notch engineer, as seen here.

Outdoor cats are known to bring home 'gifts' for their owners sometimes, but this one took it a step further.

Reddit | ConfusedBiMormon

That chicken looks suspiciously calm given the situation. Did it team up with the cat so you would be all impressed?

Remember when I mentioned lofty expectations? This is what happens when we have those for ourselves.

Reddit | FairMonitorCom

There's nothing wrong with wanting to practice at things and get better, but we also have to accept our current skill levels to avoid biting off more than we can chew.

"My little cousins wanted to know why the art museum had a painting of their uncle [...]."

Reddit | Tina_R_Belcher

Because he's a model, duh? A timeless one too, handsomeness that transcends centuries.

"A friend's note to her husband this morning..."

Reddit | Tweetystraw

Something tells me that he may just have done this before, which I'm sure ended up with a separate Zoom call with HR.

First place for most terrifying revenge goes to this person.


They explained the situation leading up to this photo, "I stopped by my old apartment and saw my former roommate had put my Christmas elf in the garbage, so this is what she’s going to see next time she walks up the stairs to her [apartment]."

"This drunk woman had to be rescued from the kiddie pool today."

Reddit | McVeeth

This woman is really living the dream here. I also love the look of disbelief on the face of the lifeguard on the left.

Keep Your Peepers Peeled For Their Hand-Drawn Cat!

Reddit | PipSkweex

No one likes to think of a cat being lost. Also, life is even worse on the street for a cat that is actually a living doodle. They could get erased or worse!

"Marketing brilliance right here."

Reddit | Erander

I have always wanted for grating cheese to be a more religious experience! Although, Jesus does look awfully morose on the front of this grater, you'd think that he would be made up to be having cheese mushed into his face on a daily basis!

"You know it's a rough neighborhood when..."

Reddit | TheOfficialAK

The people who stole these tires must have had some getaway vehicle in order to get these tires away! Alternatively, they may have gotten into the tires they stole and rolled away down a hill?