16 Sister Tattoos You'll Want To Get With Your Favorite Sibling

Growing up with four sisters, I can say that few things compare to the bond between sibling gals. They're similar to a best friend, only you've had to share everything from Barbies to hairbrushes to parents with them.

Because of this, you've developed an unbreakable relationship, one which deserves an equally everlasting symbol to represent it.

1. Sisters — they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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OK, you and your sister have totally opposite personalities, but that's why you complement each other so well!

You're just like PB and J.

2. Show your sisterly bond with a simple rose.

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You don't have to get anything extravagant for a sister tattoo. Matching flowers are a great way to get something feminine and meaningful for you and your sister.

3. This sister tattoo would make Tia and Tamera proud.

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Why beat around the bush with your sibling tattoo when you can get literal "sister" tats in the font of your choice?

4. A pinky promise is forever.

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Remember when we used to pinky swear on everything as kids?

Consider incorporating a special memory between you and your sister into your sibling tattoo. That way it'll be extra special.

5. Birds of a feather flock together.

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Inverted designs are a great way to get matching tattoos with a slight twist. Of course, you'll have to decide which of the two of you is the dark and light twin.

6. Geometrical tattoos are always in style.

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There's really no tattoo more timeless than a geometric shape. Plus, simple lines will probably be easier to come to an agreement on than a more complex design.

7. Hey, soul sister.

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If you want, think about a dual tattoo design that directly points to the other half. That way, when you and your sister are together, you'll be more in sync than ever.

8. Play broken telephone with your sister tat.

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Who else attempted that string-can telephone as kids? Ah yes, those pre-texting days.

This tattoo is both simple and cute like a children's book illustration.

9. A sister is the perfect best friend.

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If you plan on getting a written tattoo, consider one with a double meaning. You can work with your tattoo artist to design something unique to you and your sister.

10. Incorporate the order of your birth into your tattoo.

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We tend to categorize our sisters based on when they were born (oldest/middle/youngest) so why not include that into your sibling tattoo?

11. Go big or go home.

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Not all sister tats have to be tiny works of art. If your sister plays a major role in your life, you might want to get a larger tattoo to represent that.

12. Feature the years you were born.

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Another great way to represent a piece of your sister is by including her birth year next to your own in your tattoo design.

13. Flip things around with sister tat text.

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There are several ways you and your sister can get the same tattoo, but with individual approaches.

Different fonts and word order are just a couple.

14. Go a little wild with your sibling design.

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If you and your sister have the same favorite animal (she totally copied you, amirite?) then you can easily incorporate it into your sister tattoo.

15. Tattoo a quote that you both live by. 

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Make sure to find a quote that's equally meaning to the both of you.

When you look at your tattoo, you'll be reminded of both the quote's meaning and your sister.

16. Lastly, signify your bond with a flower mandala. 

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Tattoos that are broken into two parts can serve as a reminder for sisters who don't see each other very often.

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