30 People Who Saw The Joke And Just Went For It

One of the most hopeless feelings out there is when we see a perfect opportunity just rush by us and we don't notice until it's too late. One of the common variations of that is missing a perfectly good joke.

The people on this list did not falter, did not hesitate, they seized their moment! In short, they saw the joke and just went for it.

"I deliver for Amazon, this came up halfway thru my route. A little drastic I'd say lol."

Reddit | Remarkable-Breath-55

I'm going to guess that you've never had a cat. I love my cat more than anything, and I'm sure she loves me too, however I fully believe that she would feast on me within 24 hours of my death if hr food dish was empty.

"Brilliant name for a barber shop."

Reddit | RoutineFeeling

Brilliant, yes, but also a touch intimidating. I'd need to constantly remind myself that it's just a joke, the actual chair isn't electric, but they could surprise me at any moment by revealing that it is. By then, it'd be too late!

"The pairing of this street name and this restaurant advert."

Reddit | thisisbrit

There is not a single doubt in my mind that is cannibalism started being advertised regularly like this, people would get on board with it. It's like one of those hyper-trendy pop-up restaurants that only last four months before being phased out.

"Demolishing the house next door couldn’t resist."

Reddit | VotemanXB1

The idea of being crushed under the rubble of a house that's being demolished is only funny because it would involve having to wander onto a building site and hiding in it completely unnoticed, which is a lot of work and could only be deliberate.

"I put some peanut butter in this horse head."

Reddit | MikeNoble91

First it was squirrel picnic benches, now it's squirrel Halloween costumes. I swear, we're only a few steps away from starting the squirrel domestication process, and in a few decades, baby squirrels will be the hottest new pet on the market.

"Moving day. Looks like drunk me left a note for future self. I’ve been sober 4.5 years. Man that guy was a jerk."

Reddit | dunnkw

Congrats on your sobriety! I'm sure present and future you appreciate it, as present you won't pull any mean tricks like this on on future you. Or maybe he will, but that'll be because you make the conscious choice to be a jerk instead.

"Saw this out of the corner of my eye and had to check it out. So glad I did, made my day."

Reddit | Gingerlox_

This poster actually has a neat story, shared by someone in the comments! "[This] is a project by an artist called [Steve Chapman]. [He] runs an Instagram page. [He] is selling these posters for ?1 each and has a map to track all the places they've been displayed. [It's] a really cool project. [I've] my own poster here waiting to be put up!"

"They 'bearely' survived it the first time."

Reddit | zoalcoalt

Well, I for one am glad that I wasn't anywhere near this Comfort Inn when they had their bear incident. It's nice to know that they allow pets, though. Hopefully no one with a pet named Bear decides to go there.

"A man is working next to my office. Full social distancing!"

Reddit | LowBrown

I mean, if I had the option to work on the roof (weather permitting), I think I'd take it. Talk about a change in scenery. Not to mention the fresh air would be lovely for keeping me feeling invigorated throughout the day!

Fortune cookies need beauty rest to stay fresh!

Reddit | crazymo7

I have to say, I think I like funny fortune cookie messages better than actual fortunes. At least these ones won't disappoint you when they don't come true (since they aren't trying to predict anything in your future).

A matching set!

Reddit | benhundben

Another wonderful tale explained in the photo's original title, "The girls on the team wanted to get their nails ready for the wakeboarding world championships, I asked them to bring my feet along to the salon. The result is awesome."

"My wife and I made sub-par Halloween cookies this afternoon. Then I named them."

Reddit | InspiraSean86

In all honesty, these are probably the best Halloween cookies I've ever seen. They remind me of those memes where they get you to pick which one you are. Most days I think I'm CRANKENBOI, but right now I'm feeling a little more like EEEEGG.

"An art piece I made for my mom is a permanent fixture in her kitchen."

Reddit | OZeski

A great type of art is art that's also functional, and we all know that well-rested bananas taste better!

Really, though, this is so good all around. It's a great little fixture, it's handmade, and it's an incredible pun on top of it all.

"So, are you satisfied?"

Reddit | maplesyrupdrunk

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that pretty much every patron this fire service helps is satisfied. It's a pretty hard job to mess up, after all. And I, for one, wouldn't want my fire back, that's for sure.

"My 4yo and I did each others makeup and he drew something on my chest that makes me worried for my soul."

Reddit | HunterSexThompson

Well, this photo you took doesn't make him look any better, seeing as he has all-black eyes and a warped smile from the blur. Is there any way you can update us? Have you been possessed yet or is it a long-term process?

"Instructions said, 'Decorate the pumpkin with crayons.'"

Reddit | Oompacloner

Well, they did follow the instructions, even though I'm pretty sure they were supposed to color with the crayons, not just stick them on the page. Still, I can't help but be impressed by this person's ability to take the instructions literally.

"Is there a more simple way to find happiness?"

Reddit | Buy_More_Stuff

Honestly? Probably not. If you can't use your babies to elicit giggles whenever you feel like it, then what can you use 'em for?

That baby in particular looks kind of pissed, though. "Father. Stop this instant. I'm serious. This isn't funny."

"Breaking: Samsung's flagships now supports iOS!"

Reddit | namair

Looks like the Apple versus Android debate has finally come to a close. It turns out you can have both! An Apple to use, and a Samsung to act as a holder for your oh-so-important iPhone.

"Brother is cat sitting and I asked for update pictures. This is what he sent."

Reddit | SoftballNDrawing

So your brother is training your cat to be a killing machine and a top-tier hunter? They're not even going after everyday pests, they're specifically terrorizing innocent mouse civilians just trying to do their job! Your brother is a terrible influence!

"No baby on board."

Reddit | Ericgreg20

This is a really helpful sign. When we know there's a baby on board, we have to drive extra carefully. But when there is no baby, all bets are off! Drive as recklessly as you want (please don't actually do that).

"I decided to demote the work bin for no reason. I'm becoming a tyrant."

Reddit | SidneyBiglove

The fact that you're self-aware is a good sign, start there! Apologize and promote him once again, telling him he did nothing wrong and should never have been demoted. You're in the right headspace to make amends and grow from here.

"I ordered some yarn and as I joke I put 'please draw a dragon and a tortoise breakdancing.' They delivered."

Reddit | gg1780

You know what? Their art skills aren't half bad! Of course, I would probably have made it look like the dragon was dancing a bit more enthusiastically. At least the tortoise is busting some moves.

"My daughter when she said she wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween."

Reddit | brandoj23

The look on her face says it all. "This isn't what I meant when I said Transformer!" I bet she was expecting to look like Bumblebee, not like the top of a powerline.

"After a recent earthquake in my city, someone set up an earthquake detection device in my local park."

Reddit | Reddituser3046

If you just so happen to be in this part of the park at the exact moment an earthquake goes off, you'll be prepared. Look at this guy! It looks ready for anything.

"My best friend's 'Not Engagment' announcements I just got in the mail."

Reddit | RSParker

Someone had the theory that this was mailed out because people kept pressuring them to get engaged, and I really hope that's true as this would be the funniest response ever to that situation.

"This drywalling company van that I saw on the way to work."

Reddit | ThatWasAQuiche

Wow, these guys have branding down to an art, don't they? A perfect mix between funny, charming, and actually listing their services, I wouldn't want to call anyone else if I needed something patched!

"We all have one faithful bra that should’ve given up on us long ago."

Reddit | cleverfeather1992

This is what people meant when they pushed reduce, reuse, recycle so hard. If you think something is trash, push yourself to really think outside the box and you'll be surprised at what your brain can come up with for new uses.

"We picked up the new bed for the dog today."

Reddit | aloofwatermelon

I wouldn't be too sure about that one. You might have thought you picked up a bed for the dog, but you ultimately don't get to decide. Don't worry, the cat will graciously surrender their old bed to the dog, who can use it as a meager pillow.

"Photographer captured the exact moment I realized I would be bullied for the rest of Grade School."

Reddit | MilkSlap

It hits you all at once when you're that age. You think people will get bored and the teasing will stop, but lo and behold, they cling onto it for ages.

We are the stronger ones, the chosen few, our skin is thick as can be thanks to these formative years.

A warm welcome.

Reddit | InflatableRegret

The uploader of this photo explained the full context in the original title, "Our friend is buying his first home today, so we worked with his realtor to be sure this is the first thing waiting for him in his kitchen after closing."

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