30 Funny Details That Only Your Nosey Neighbor On The HOA Would Have Spotted

A lot of us can walk around life without taking in the small things that make the world really pop. But don't worry, that's understandable as a lot of us have a lot on our plate!

However, to show off some of the little easter eggs that you may have missed around the world, here are 30 funny details that only your nosey neighbor on the HOA would have spotted...I know you're reading this Jerry and I'm not giving you back your weed whacker until you stop leaving me passive-aggressive notes about the location of my bins!

"Walking past a local garden in my neighborhood, I noticed they labeled the power line along with all the other plants."

Reddit | hardminute

I think that people should label absolutely everything in this manner. I can't wait to go wild with the signs on Jerry's lawn when he's out...oh wait, he never goes out 'cause he doesn't have any friends!

"My cat has one little curly whisker."

Reddit | amlight

One of the most adorable things I have ever read came in the form of one person's response to this. They wrote:

"My grandma's cat had one of these and she always said it was because the cat had already used up one of its 9 lives."

"Ant-Man in real life..."

Reddit | importfanboy

This is an amazing way to "fix" a broken post! Although, Jerry would probably complain about this for going against community guidelines. Get a proper hobby Jerry you little stinker! This is why your partner left you!

"My dog ripped open her Platypus toy and found a beaver egg and a duck egg."


A lot of people were very curious to find out what was inside of those eggs. However, the answer is that there was a tiny jockey inside both of the eggs. No one knows why.

"This sign at The Pond."

Reddit | BasterMaters

If you thought that this was a sign written in Russian at a first glance then don't worry, you are not alone. I had a cool sign out in front of my house once, but it went mysteriously missing...didn't it Jerry?

"I think someone was murdered at my local Kum and Go."

Reddit | Hugh_Janice

All I can hear when I look as this picture is Shaggy shouting "Zoinks!" It looks like Daphne and Scoob must have been captured, or they just got tired of being a load of people razzing around in a van solving mysteries.

"Came across this buried dog..."

Reddit | m_trotsky

I hate it when you see games of "got your nose" that have gone tragically too far. "Got your nose" is a game that can leave people with life-altering injuries! Think on next time you're about to steal someone's nostrils.

"Cinderella, before she had all of the work done..."

Reddit | KyleColby

Whoever designed this jigsaw really did Cinderella dirty. Although, she always was my least-favorite of the Disney princesses — and no, I will not be taking any questions on this opinion, thank you and goodnight.

"Tiny horses on a fence..."

Reddit | lilronhubbard

I was 100% convinced that these were toy horses that had been stuck atop this fence at first. In fact, I still don't think that they aren't. Tell us tiny horses, be you toys or far away?!

"A rail support on a tram..."

Reddit | punchmagician

Well, this is one to really mess with your head, isn't it? My brain really struggled to work out the perspective in this image for a while. Once I realised that they were twisted it all made a bit more sense.

"These ants made a neighborhood outside my house!"

Reddit | yesmilady

Oh look Jerry, there is another neighborhood that you can bombard with notices and passive-aggressive notes! Not even the ants will be safe from your crushing world of tedium and HOA meetings now!

"Nachos for the win..."


If I were to pause while assembling some furniture in order to go and make some nachos then I can tell you with certainty that I would never finish assembling the furniture. The rest of the day would be nachos, TV, and napping.

"Medieval humor. Found at the Abbey of Sainte Foy, Conques, France, c.1050."

Reddit | Sanetosane

As a lot of other people also pointed out, this is like the first ever appearance of Kilroy! Imagine being the sculptor who managed to make a meme in 1050 that would last for nearly 1000 years.

"Some ghostly images left behind on this nickel that has been trapped in my washing machine for an unknown amount of time."

Reddit | sb326

This is pretty creepy actually. It looks as though he is staring into your soul and saying, "How could you let this happen? How could you let the machine do this to me?!"

"Canadian passport when held under UV light..."

Reddit | L1l_Debby

I was not sure if this was actually real at first, but someone added, "As soon as I saw this I had to jump up, go get the keys to the filing cabinets and pull one out. Every single page is something like this but they're all unique."

"This bridge in Germany was painted to look like it was made out of Lego!"

Reddit | mirandanielcz

I just hope that it was not as painful to walk across as a real bridge made out of Lego would be, no one would dare to cross it if it was.

"My wisdom teeth came out all striped."

Reddit | tastefuldebauchery

They look kind of like Halloween-themed Candy Corn pieces. Although, I really cannot recommend eating those, they will be really bad for your teeth...which is kind of ironic in a way I suppose.

"Portobello public pencil sharpening project."

Reddit | areyouforrealdude

One pencil-sharpening enthusiast did point out, "That rusty metal isn't going to sharpen anything. We need the Portobello Public Pencil Sharpener Restoration Project in here, pronto!" And he's right, the P.P.P.S.R.P really need to step their game up!

"Found a grenade in the garden, had a visit from the army bomb disposal unit..."

Reddit | lets_be_truant

Yeah Jerry, this person found a damn grenade in their garden, so my slightly overgrown hedge doesn't seem like such a catastrophic mistake now, does it?!

"Splitting firewood and found a piece resembling the sky in 'The Starry Night.'"

Reddit | virgilturtle

One person with a lot to say about wood added, "That's burl wood. Something stressed the tree out when growing, i.e. injury, disease, fungus, etc. Wood carvers pay top dollar for that." Who knew trees could get stressed?

"This supermarket has confectionary free checkouts for parents unwilling to have children demanding that they buy some."

Reddit | FinalboyWasTaken

Ah checkout candy, science is yet to explain why it is so much more alluring than regular candy. One parent did also add:

"I read a study about pigeons and intermittent rewards, and the rule for my kids became 'if either of you asks for anything in the checkout, then you get nothing, if you are silent, then sometimes, randomly, you get a treat.' This worked ridiculously well."

They Really Should Have Thought Through That Sign A Little More...

Reddit | lets_be_truant

I actually thought that it looked more like "Wark." Although, I suppose that the main point is that it definitely_ doesn't look like it says "Walk"! They probably got some weirdos turning up to this event.

"I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl."

Reddit | miss421

I don't think that I would have been convinced that this wasn't an owl until I had picked it. There is every chance that this could just be an owl that looks like a mushroom after all!

"Found what's left of a car in the woods."

Reddit | Such-Put4696

Someone actually predicted, based upon the shape of the door, that this was actually a 1958-1966 VW Beetle. In which case, I would be digging that little fella right out!

"I have this qr code sitting behind me in zoom calls. If someone scans it, the light comes on.

Reddit | GuyWithABulldog

I love how needlessly weird this idea is. However, I am mainly preoccupied by the fact that they just have their XBOX precariously balanced over the edge of their desk.

"Finally dug up the slippery stone block outside my door, turns out it was a headstone."

Reddit | KhalJohno

I suppose that the people who put down this path were of the "Waste not want not" ideology. One individual went on to explain:

"It looks like it's a columbarium stone. A columbarium is the big wall where ashes are placed in cubbies and a stone is placed over the cubby hole."

"Lactose-free milk mascot doesn't have an udder."

Reddit | Remote-Big8161

I mean, it is an interesting thing to notice out of the blue, but we should also keep a close eye on the person who made this discovery... You know, just in case.

"Rick is not here to lie to anyone!"

Reddit | G2theCip

What more could you want from a gas station? Sure, there are some slightly more up-market gas stations popping up around the place, but give me a "pretty good" gas station any day!

"The face that I found on my packet of Swiss cheese!"

Reddit | FrodoBolsonaro

There is something pretty weird about the font that they have decided to use to write "happy farms," but I just cannot quite put my finger on what it is.

"This blackberry my sister found is in the shape of a heart."

Reddit | CamDeMemeMan69420

I love blackberries, but clearly I don't love them as much as this specific blackberry loves everyone else! What a cute little find that will be fondly remembered once it has been crushed into a jam.

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